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We offer a broad range of environmental services, including Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and NESHAP Asbestos Building Inspections.
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Transaction Screen Process

The Transaction Screen Process (TSP) is a simplified, low-cost environmental investigation suitable for due diligence on undeveloped or minimally developed properties where a narrative report is not desired. The TSP investigation includes:

  • Completion of the ASTM E 1528 Transaction Screen Questionnaire. The questions are answered by the property owner, the occupants (if applicable), and from observations made during a site visit by our personnel.
  • Photographs of the property.
  • A review of available regulatory agency lists and databases for the property and properties within ASTM-specified search radii.
Questions on the ASTM E 1528 Screen Questionnaire include:
  • Is the property used for an industrial use?
  • Is any adjoining property used for an industrial use?
  • Did you observe evidence or do you have any prior knowledge that fill dirt been brought onto the property that originated from a contaminated site?
  • Are there currently any pits, ponds, or lagoons located on the property in connection with waste treatment or waste disposal?
  • Are there currently any vent pipes, fill pipes, or access ways indicating a fill pipe protruding from the ground on the property or
  • adjacent to any structure located on the property?
  • Is there currently evidence of leaks, spills, or staining by substances other than water, or foul odors, associated with any flooring, drains, walls, ceilings, or exposed grounds on the property?